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The statutory education licence is administered by the Copyright Agency. For further detail see
You should contact your educational institution to check whether your proposed usage is covered by the statutory education licence.   


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An author may make a reasonable number of copies of their own article for personal, teaching, academic or professional purposes, providing no charge is levied for the article.

If you are unsure whether your proposed use of  炉石传说电竞之星  content authored by you complies with this policy, you should contact us at  prior to use of that content.

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Temporary electronic copies of the documentation such as those made by web browsers and that are necessary to browse this Website are permissible.

Obtaining copyright permission

Wiley is now responsible granting copyright permissions to 炉石传说电竞之星 content. To seek permission to reproduce  炉石传说电竞之星  content (articles or extracts), or to purchase copies of 炉石传说电竞之星 articles, please follow the link below to the 炉石传说电竞之星 page on Wiley Online: .

Should you have any queries, please send a request directly the Wiley Rights team for further help at

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