Editors of The Medical Journal of Australia

Dr Henry Armit 1914-1930
Dr Mervin Archdall 1930-1957
Dr Ronald Winton 1957-1977
Dr Arthur Gwynn 1977-1978
Dr Laurel Thomas 1978-1981
Sir Keith Jones (Acting) 1981
Dr Alan Blum 1982-1983
Dr Kathleen King (Acting) 1983
Dr Alistair Brass 1983-1985
Dr Kathleen King 1985-1989
Dr Laurel Thomas and Dr Jill Forrest
(Acting and then jointly)
Dr Laurel Thomas 1995
Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith (Acting) 1995
Dr Martin van der Weyden 1996-2011
Dr Annette Katelaris 2011-2012
Dr Ann Gregory (Acting) 2012-2013
Professor Stephen Leeder 2013-2015
Dr Charles Guest (Acting) 2015
Professor Nicholas Talley 2015 to present

History of The   Medical Journal of Australia name

  • Australian Medical Journal, Sydney, 1846-1847. The first medical journal published in Australia
  • Australian Medical Journal (Medical Society of Victoria). Melbourne Vol 1-23 (1856-1878), n.s. vol 1-17 (1879-1895)
    amalgamated in 1896 with
  • Intercolonial Quarterly Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Melbourne Vol 1-2 (1894-1896)
    to form
  • Intercolonial Medical Journal of Australasia, Melbourne
    renamed in 1870
  • Australian Medical Journal, Melbourne Vol 1-16 (1896-1911), n.s. vol 1-3 (1911-1914)
    which merged with
  • Australasian Medical Gazette, Sydney (1881-1914)
    to become
  • The Medical Journal of Australia


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